Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this extension free?

Yes, the extension is free for use with limited access. As we are working hard implementing new features, we get hungry and thirsty so, we'd like to have some time off drinking our juices. There's a nominal fee for the PRO version which you can purchase in-app

2. Can I use the extension in other browsers such as Mozilla, Opera, Edge, Safari?

At the moment the extension is only availbe for Google Chrome, Edge, Brave (and everything else with Chromium engine), however, in the near future there might be a release to other browsers too.

3. Wil any website bann me because I'm using this extension?

No, this extension is absolutely safe to use on any website or web platform.

4. Is it possible to use the website offline?

Yes, the extension works offline as well as long as the page you would like to use it on was loaded.

5. Do I have to save every change in the settings manually?

99% of the modifications made are saved and loaded automatically, except the one feature pertaining the Saved Query List.

6. Can I restore the queries that I've deleted?

No, it is not possible to undo the removal of certain queries.

7. Are these modifications permanent to the website I used the extension on?

No, these modifications made by the extension last until the first page refresh.

8. Is the extension working in incognito mode?

Yes, it does work even in incognito mode, but the Whitelist feature may not work due to the limitation of the access to the current URL.

9. Why do I have to grant access to "Storage"?

The extension needs that permission to save and retrieve the settings and queries at every startup of the application.

10. The navigator sometimes jumps to places where I can't see the search word. Is that normal?

This is because some elements hide behind other elements within a document, this depends on the structure of that specific website. In any case, you shouldn't be bothered by that, feel free to skip that invisible element if you come accross one

If you think we missed something or you've got suggestions, feature requests? Don't hesitate to drop us an email.