A multi-finder, highlighter, and navigator browser extension.

Choose out of different filtering options, set unique colors, have no character or language limit, infinite queries on any website

Instant notifications

HIGHLIGHTY will notify you on every page you visit about the presence of the searched terms.
Plus, it does for single queries and additionally to multiple ones too!

You don't have to look up manually anymore if a piece of text exists or not on a website.

In case these notifications bother your work, or appear too often, you are able to turn them off right away.

Could find 3 queries: on, existence, in

❌ Could not find 2 queries: aenigma, machine learning

Could find: team leader

❌ Could not find: aenigma


User-friendly Interface

Usability has a crucial role at us. We tried to minimise the distractions and focus on the most important things.

The big range of colors will help you guide through the vast amount of text that you are not curious about on a particular website.

We gave you the freedom of choice to pick your favorite colors for each of the queries!


Functional Customizability

You are given the opportunity to filter your search, add criteria, loosen or tighten the rules of searching within the extension.

Toggle between the Basic or Full (advanced) settings view. In case you don't want to get lost in the details, just keep the view mode on Basic .

It's all up to you, enjoy twisting and modifying the available settings to your current needs. 90% of the options have an instant effect and are active in the next search or refresh.


Follows you all along 👣

HIGHLIGHTY will do the work for you anywhere you surf, including Reddit, Gmail, Amazon,
Wikipedia and all those websites that come in your way.

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Docs & Emails





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Google Docs

Blogs & Research



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Stack Overflow

Don't think twice

A good tool can save your precious time. Give it a try, you only win.

It helps my daily work a lot. I can easily find the right skills of our candidates.

Dóra Forgács,
Recruitment Manager

A super-productivity tool. One of the extensions that's worth using.

Andrii Korliuk,
Software Engineer

Since I'm using it, I do my researches on the web much faster. This extension is a gem!

Humble pricing

  • Limited queries to 5
  • Regexp 40 character limit
  • Export/import query list
  • Query found/not found alert
  • Diacritic/case sesitivity
  • Minimum 2 character limit
  • Focus on extension input
  • Navigation bar, with custom key settings
  • Allowed/disallowed websites
  • Color randomizer
  • and many more...

PRO VERSION - 7 days trial

Cancel at any time!

  • Unlimited queries
  • Unlimited query lists
  • Unlimited Regexp strings
  • Color picker and palette
  • Switch off hotkey
  • Sum of total found queries on extension icon
  • Highlight phrase on select and hotkey
  • Increase font size of found query
  • Temporary deactivation by hotkeys
  • and more to come...

Yearly plan


$29.99 billed yearly

Monthly plan


*VAT excluded - final amount may vary*

See our feature explanations and video tutorials here.